Your Brand Discovery Course

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Find the soul of your business and strategize for success. This brand discovery course will allow you to make better decisions when running your business, whether it has to do with your branding, marketing, or making money.

With this workbook course, you will:

• Learn more about your personal brand and/or business.

• Discover the soul of your business.

• Understand your target audience.

• Learn to communicate with your target audience.

• Solidify your brand's name.

When you are done, you will:

• Feel like a champion.

• Create a marketing strategy.

• Identify your business's revenue drivers.

• Outline the growth of your business.

14 Lessons:

1) Why This Business?

2) What's Your Vision?

3) Defining Your Brand

4) Defining Your Statements

5) Communicating Your Voice

6) Defining Your Ideal Customer Personas

7) The Right Brand Name

8) Research - Domain Name

9) Research - Registering with the Government

10) Research - Google

11) Research - Social Media Handles

12) Purchasing Your Domain

13) How Will You Generate Awareness?

14) How Will You Make Money?

Once you go through these lessons, you will be able to brand/rebrand your business effectively, as well as have the proper messaging for your website, social media, and all of your marketing.

  • You'll get a PDF download with videos to follow along.

  • You'll get a PDF download with videos to follow along.
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Your Brand Discovery Course

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